The world's only high-performance blockchain up to 120,000 TPS

What is Bitconch?

Bitconch is the world’s only high-performance blockchain up to 120,000TPS - it is also compatible with Ethereum smart contracts. The chain benefits from an innovative Proof-of-Reputation consensus algorithm. Bitconch also helps developers attract and share their users. Developers can deploy a dApp or node on the Bitconch chain to achieve more users, higher Bit-R values and better rewards. Developers will also benefit from the Bit-R system which encourages users to use the application as much as possible.

  • Support high-frequency and micro-transactions.
  • High scalability and low operational & liquidity costs.
  • Start up nodes and developers join eco-construction.

How does Bitconch balance the trilemma?

  • Innovative POR (Proof Of Reputation) consensus algorithm,expected to be the next generation consensus mechanism after POW & POS
  • DAG Data Network + Social Graph Network + Mutual Trust Node Lightning Network
  • Innovative reputation quantification system+Reputation incentive system+Ecological co-construction system

Core Strengths 1. High speeds based on innovative PoR consensus mechanism
2. Developer tools: Bit-R provides role-models and is compatible with Ethereum smart contracts
3. Bit-R reputation: community motivation and management
4. User Interface platform


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