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Bitconch, is the advanced blockchain solution for million social applications. Bitconch proposed an innovative PoR (Proof of Reputation) consensus algorithm, which offers a better solution that leverage blockchain technology to maintain both high throughput and decentralization. PoR, DAG and lighting network, support Bitconch reach up to 100,000+ TPS (will submit MVP in September).

Based on social graphs, Bitconch mathematically models social network, coinage, and contribution activities to build a decentralized reputation system, named “Bit-R” value. The higher Bit-R, the more opportunities to be trust node, the better benefits, the lower the transaction cost, and no deposit in lighting networks. Bit-R develop an amazing consensus, motivation, and community management system in bolckchain.

Bitconch’s developer team come from SF Bay, LA, Beijing and Shanghai. They had worked in IBM, Google, Huawei, T-Mobile, GE, etc. Most of them owned rich experience in blockchain, distributed ledger and cloud computing development. Some senior developers are contributors to the Ethereum network.

Bitconch really is an innovative ground-up redesign of the consensus algorithm, community management and eco-development system. Everyone has equal opportunity to establish a high Bit-R value and achieve reward, which will attract tens of millions of users loading Bitconch Clients. High speed, decentralization, low cost, nodes motivation, and ecological co-contruction. These benefits define Bitconch as the advanced blockchain solution for million social applications.