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Weekly BitConch

Weekly BitConch

July 02, 2018-July 08, 2018

Work in progress

1. Bcoo chain is preparing and negotiating for more trading platforms;

2. BCOO and Zhongguancun cooperate online to record the Science fiction video of blockchain;

3. BCOO's official website is under revision;

4. Community operation plan: expand the Bcoo family to 30,000 people in three months.


Work performed:

1. In the TokenSky conference in Tokyo, Bcoos COO Lily gave a speech at the conference. Bcoo's innovative consensus, POR credibility consensus, was recognized and appreciated by the participants.

2.  Lilly Mu, the Bcoo's COO, and Caesar Chen, the blockchain's technical director were interviewed by Mainstream blockchain media, such as Golden finance.


The Development of Applications:

3. 388 people registered Bcoo Pay this week.