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BVM virtual machine

    Bitconch Chain enriches the Bitconch ecosystem by providing a variety of tools to enable developers to build their own distributed applications. The Bitconch chain provides a solidity-based programming language BO and a corresponding virtual machine BVM, as shown in the figure below. On the Bitconch chain, developers translate business logic into smart contracts through programming languages, and smart contracts will be compiled into bytecodes that machines can run through virtual machines.

    BVM has 3 major advantages over EVM:

    1.Using BVM makes it easier to develop powerful smart contracts.

    Compared to Ethereum's 65 opcodes, Bitconch Chain will provide more optional opcodes and standard libraries for developers to develop more high-quality DApps, extending the functionality of more social and landing applications. Because there are usually a lot of tokens in smart contracts, once an error occurs, it will cause huge losses to both developers and users, so BVM will provide smart tools to detect transaction order, time stamp, accident handling and reentrant vulnerability (Reentrancy) Vulnerability) and other common bugs. To increase development speed and make it easier for developers to write smart contracts, BVM will be a register-based virtual machine.

    2.BVM provides an interface to enable smart contracts to communicate with the outside world.

    Relative to the sandbox environment of EVM and external world isolation (unable to use the permissions of the network, files or other processes), BVM establishes transmission channels through digital signatures to solve the communication problems between smart contracts and the outside world.

    3.Support multi-language development

    In order to allow more developers to join the Bitconch community, BVM will support Python, Java, C++ and other development languages in the future.