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Reputation System

    We define R which could represent the level of acceptance in a particular social group (or social network). On blockchain network, we build the reputation R from three dimensions: social activity D, time activity T, and contribution activity C. 

    Social activity D: It is determined by a number of factors such as the number of friends in the social network, the frequency of interaction with friends (ie, activeness), the reputation value of friends, and the amount of the transaction.

    Time Activity T: This indicator is mainly determined by the coin-age of the Bus held by the user. We believe that the long-term holders of Bus are more credible than the non-holder and less likely to perpetrate malicious act. But unlike the PoS Consensus, money is not the only criterion for measuring whether a node is trustworthy or not. As shown in the figure, the logarithmic formula of T(β,t) provides a better chance for the majority of average users to obtain high credibility.

    Contribution activity C: This indicator C(γ, t) describes the level of contribution of a particular user did to the system, which indicates how much the node contributes to the system when the time is t, and N is the value of the Account Nonce, which is used to record the user's the frequency of contributions (storage or computing).