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Proof of Reputation Consensus Algorithm

The POR reputation consensus algorithm is a new algorithm proposed by Bitconch based on social graphs. Using a distributed decentralized reputation quantification system built on the blockchain, POR can show the contribution of each peer to the whole network, including growth, security, and stability. By introducing the “R” vector which would mathematically represent the reputation of each peer, POR can maintain a list of trustworthy peers, which is called Transaction Validators. These Transaction Validators will be rewarded for their contribution to the system by providing computing power or storage capabilities.

      The POR utilize a directed acyclic graph as the basis of the social graph. The POR can tolerate Byzantine failures. BUS is the underlying token powering Bitconch blockchain, as part of Bitconch protocol, POR can help BUS to scale: the greater the number of peers, the greater the number of transaction per second (TPS). POR is a perfect candidate for high-frequency small micro-transactions and social oriented DApps. POR adopts the power balance philosophy and designs a decentralized incentive system with anti-Matthew effect, which can ensure that new peers and existing peers, small users and large users have the same opportunity to obtain system rewards. POR can prevent the system from becoming centralized that are a result of poorly designed incentive mechanisms.

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