The world's only high-performance blockchain up to 120,000 TPS

What is Bitconch?

Bitconch, the world's only high-performance blockchain up to 120,000 TPS (MVP) and compatible with Ethereum smart contract. It benefits from an innovative Proof of Reputation (PoR) consensus algorithm. Bitconch also help developers to attract and share their perspective users. Developers can deploy their DApp or a Node on Bitconch blockchain. More users, higher Bit-R value, and better reward. Developers who need attract users will benefit from Bit-R system, since the Bit-R system encourage users to use applications as many as possible.

  • Support high-frequency & penny ante transactions.
  • High expansibility and low operational and liquidity costs
  • Initiate nodes and developers to join in eco-building.

How does Bitconch balance the trilemma?

  • Innovative POR (Proof Of Reputation) consensus algorithm,expected to be the next generation consensus mechanism after POW & POS
  • DAG Data Network + Social Graph Network + Mutual Trust Node Lightning Network
  • Innovative reputation quantification system+Reputation incentive system+Ecological co-construction system

Core-competitiveness 1. High-Speed, based on innovative POR Consensus
2. Developer tools, Bit-R provide personas & compatible with Ethereum smart contract
3. Bit-R reputataion, community motivation and management
4. Users interaction platform
Three missions of blockchain are: information security, information accuracy, and distributed commerce. No any existing killer application run on the blockchain in case of the current limited scalability. Bitconch supports high frequency small transaction and meets the development demand of various applications, such as game, instant messaging, live broadcast, video, e-commerce, IOT, self-media, distributed commerce, crowdsourcing, etc.


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